money well spent saves and improves lives

Our mission is to help move as much cash flow as possible to great people and charities to make lives better where possible. Hiiobi brings cash flow to charities and people like you and I using an unusual advertising method. During a normal un-skippable ad, or at another time that you are able to spare 30 seconds while you wait, you can watch an ad for about 15 seconds, spend about 15 seconds answering a quick quiz about what you saw, and generate at least $0.21 doing that. You earn 40% of those advertising payments, which is at least $0.084 per view, or a bit over $10 per hour 30 seconds at a time (this is the minimum). By collaborating to do this as a large and growing group of people, we can generate millions of dollars in cash flow for viewers and charities. We would be honored to work with you on this.

Pass the time during your next unskippable ad or elevator ride generating cash flow for great charities and yourself:
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Your Time & Energy Isn’t Free

Advertisers provide cash flows because we confirm (with a quick quiz) that you saw and understood their ad. To bring in more offers that other viewers might never see, you have the option to provide us with information about your interests and products you use, because they can pay even more for your attention when they know more. Advertisers should know your time and energy isn’t free, and by paying for the attention of exactly who they want through Hiiobi, they’re getting more for their money – here, we have no advertising fraud robots, no blocked or ignored ads, and no invisible ads hiding on parts of your screen viewers can’t even see.

More On How We Operate And Provide Value To Advertisers

Who We Support

We show every organization we support in any way on two lists: the charity index (all of these are non-profits) and the project index (these are not charities, but still do good things for communities). 

Please check out the indexes below, and let us know if you can recommend any charities or projects that you want to see funded or promoted.

Shopping Strategically Can Save & Improve Lives

We also run a market where you can shop knowing that our profit from each sale will benefit charities and future beneficiaries (viewers like you), because we will use 100% of that profit to fund Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on our ad platform. By using our marketplace, you can help make more cash flow available for viewers, charities, and investments benefiting both, while helping get important messages in front of people they can help. 

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We would be honored to work with you, and would love to hear your recommendations on charities to support, projects to promote, and anything else you might want to collaborate on.