3 Charities That Woke Me Up

I knew years ago after meeting Youth On Record (a non-profit recording studio for at risk and underserved youth), The Growhaus (an urban agriculture education non-profit), and Food For Thought Denver (a charity providing food to local families in need) that I wanted to help support charities with every bit of power I can ever earn, and most of the people we work with have their own charities who taught them the same thing. We want to support and promote for them all.

We want to generate as much cash flow as possible to provide that cash flow to give account holders extra financial power to support themselves, other people, or the charities they see as worthy. We also research different organizations constantly to add more to the Charity Index and Project Index, which are lists of organizations we want to fund, support, and promote for. To give you a few examples of the types of projects we love to see, below are the three charities that woke me up personally.

1 – Youth On Record

“With the help of Colorado’s most talented and willing musicians, Youth On Record inspires at-risk youth to see the potential for a better life.” –YouthOnRecord.org

Youth On Record operates a non-profit recording studio in Denver where our students are able to study their craft with the help of experienced artists, record their music, and meet other artists. This is used in increasing engagement at the schools we partner with and teach classes in, ultimately to increase graduation rates and improve quality of life through education and support. If you have love for music or education please check them out at YouthOnRecord.org!

2 – The Growhaus

“Healthy Food Is A Right, Not A Privilege.

The GrowHaus is a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.  Our vision is a world where all communities have the means to nourish themselves, and our mission is to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system by serving as a hub for food distribution, production, education, and economic opportunity.” – TheGrowhaus.org

I learned a lot during an internship with The Growhaus about the changes needed to the world food system, and about how relying on centralized food production causes problems that can be avoided by producing food locally and even household-by-household. This organization makes a great impact on the community and is one of the organizations I have wanted to see grow fast to strengthen communities locally and around the world. There is much more for you to learn about them at TheGrowhaus.org. This organization is another great example of how we can help improve lives and make great things happen using our attention and money strategically.

3 – Food For Thought Denver

“During the school week, children from low-income families in Denver Public Schools receive free and reduced lunches at school. Often the lunch they receive at school on Friday is the last meal they eat until they arrive back at school on Monday. Teachers and Principals report that many students come to school on Monday mornings hungry, complaining of stomachaches, headaches and unable to focus and learn.

Food For Thought strives to eliminate this problem by providing a PowerSack to each student to take home for the weekend.” – FoodForThoughtDenver.org

Food For Thought Denver is an incredibly inspiring and uplifting collaboration, they are able to bring food to children in families that can’t necessarily provide what they need in order to pay attention and do well in school. Those early years can have a huge impact on the course of someone’s life and on someone’s long term outlook on the world, and Food For Thought Denver is helping to make that impact a positive one. Food For Thought Denver is a local charity, and I have seen many great projects like it across the world – we encourage supporting your community locally through charities like Food For Thought Denver, and we are always adding to our Charity Index and researching more organizations to make it easier for you to find many great charities doing this and other work around the world, city by city, community by community.

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