5% Of Revenue Invested

Beyond paying charities and you for responding to messages and advertisements, we use a minimum of 5% of our revenue to invest in cash flow generating assets for our network of charities and account holders.

An example of an asset we may buy and sell shares in here and there the SPDR® S&P® 500 Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETF (ticker: SPYX). Using this ETF keeps us away from fossil fuel reserve investments.

Basic ground rules:

1.) Billionaires and millionaires can plan investments over centuries and decades, taking advantage of low prices during stock market crashes. Since less wealthy investors panic and sell when prices go down, they are able to extract long term gains from the market’s ups and downs, and less wealthy investors are left out of that a lot of the time. For that reason, you can’t initiate a conversion of any investment assets to cash here, only Hiiobi can. Any time we convert assets to payable cash (meaning it is cash that can go to accountholders, not just cash in a portfolio deliberately for jumping on opportunities), that payable cash is split four ways after taxes. That split is between you (along with other account holders), charities, reinvestment into this fund for continued earnings over time, and Hiiobi.

2.) In some situations, even a very small amount of ad revenue can be converted into assets very quickly through our back end system, but we can’t guarantee that is always possible or instant. For example, if an ad earns $1 in revenue, 5% of that is $0.05, and it might not be possible to literally move that $0.05 into the investment fund right away, but we might be able to work with our financial institution(s) to set up automatic transfers for that (sometimes institutions will set limits on that though, at 1,000 free transfers per day, for example). Moving that funding right away just isn’t always cost effective (example: we won’t pay a $0.05 ACH transfer fee on a $0.05 transfer of course), so there can be a delay between that $0.05 being paid by the advertiser and the same $0.05 going into the investment fund and showing on your updated account statement as earnings assets.

3.) Please fight corruption.

As always, please reach out with any questions or ideas – collaboration is king.