Investment Income & Legal Issues Being Addressed

Beyond paying charities and you for responding to messages and advertisements, we want to use 5% or more of our revenue to invest to create more cash flow for our network of charities and account holders through the Hiiobi Benefit Fund. We wanted to offer this much earlier, but learned in research and in conversations with lawyers that there are important and expensive steps we have to take before we can offer investment income in the way we wanted to originally. We might be able to build a work around in the short term (starting with gaining the certification needed for offering securities/investments commercially), but even in that case, we have to be compliant with SEC and other regulations before we can offer any kind of an investment product. Once we can offer that, almost anyone at all can earn investment profit with their time and attention instead of capital, bringing the benefits of compound interest and long term investment to people who could not otherwise benefit from it. It will just take a little bit of time to make that possible.

Since inception (May 2017), the Hiiobi Benefit Fund is up a little over 20% (dividends included), but we can’t legally give out shares in it yet. We are building our legal team right now and creating an investment income offer that is compliant with all applicable laws, and we will update you on this as soon as possible if you are on our email list. As always, please reach out with any questions or ideas – collaboration is king.

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