How We Operate & Provide Value For Advertisers

You receive 40% of the payment from an advertiser after correctly answering a quick quiz about their ad, and they pay a minimum of $0.21 per verified view. Here’s how that saves them money.

We solve three big problems for advertisers: fraud, invisibility, and resistance:

1 – Fraud

It’s easy to confirm with a little bit of research that advertising fraud costs companies billions of dollars per year. Bots will view and click ads (to get publishers paid more than they should) and criminals who build those bots are always looking for ways to steal more revenue in less risky ways. We don’t move that $0.21 per view until we confirm with a quick quiz that a human saw and understood that ad.

2 – Invisibility

This problem affects almost all forms of advertising: when an advertiser pays for each time an ad is shown instead of each time an ad is seen and understood, it’s impossible to be sure of the views being obtained. The ad could play when no one is in the room, when the viewer is not paying attention (since they aren’t motivated to), a billboard may or may not be noticed, ad-blocking software may be used to hide ads, and so on. We eliminate this issue by confirming each ad is visible to each viewer.

3 – Resistance

If the advertiser gets their message in front of a human instead of a bot, and the ad is actually being watched, the problem of resistance comes next when the viewer actively ignores the ad or even develops a memorable, repeated frustration (“THESE people again….”). We aren’t being motivated to pay attention, the ad is an interruption of something else we’d rather be doing, and we don’t usually feel any shared mission with the advertiser. With Hiiobi ads, we are motivated to pay attention, we watch the ad when we want to (say, during another un-skippable ad, or while waiting in line for something), and the advertiser is helping us move money to great causes and people.

If you are an advertiser interested in more research and information about the value of solving these problems, please contact me at I would like to customize each offer I make to the details of each business, and may be able to provide some free promotion with an agreement to provide more of the service for full price if our agreed upon metrics are met.

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