Project Index

Our Project Index lists all projects we support that are not purely charities, which can include non-profit benefit corporations built to do good work for communities, for-profit small and moderate sized businesses that we might promote for because they do business in a way that helps improve and/or save lives, or other types of projects that just can’t be accurately labelled as charities for any number of reasons.

Before approving any of them for promotion, we complete research on them, looking for any possible issues that would cause us to not want to support them.

Project Name:
Promotion Status:
Public Defender Association & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Janicki Bioenergy , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
The Open Source Beehives Project & Food , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
AKER Urban Garden Kitshttps://akerkits.comAgriculture & Food , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Social Impact Capitalhttps://social-impact-capital.comFinancial Empowerment, Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Oslo Freedom Forumhttps://oslofreedomforum.comHuman Rights, Social Justice, & Civil RightsNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
B Lab Empowerment, Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Carbon Benefits Project Yet EvaluatedColorado, USA
Gold Standardhttps://www.goldstandard.orgCommunity Empowerment, HealthNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Colorado Carbon Fund, HealthNot Yet EvaluatedColorado, USA
Texas Beekeepers Associationhttps://texasbeekeepers.orgAgriculture & Food , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedTexas, USA
Open Philanthroly Projecthttps://www.openphilanthropy.orgCommunity EmpowermentApprovedInternational
Small Business Revolution: Main Street EmpowermentApprovedUSA

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