Money Well Spent Saves & Improves Lives

Our mission is to help move as much cash flow as possible to great people and charities to make lives better where possible. During a normal un-skippable ad, or at another time that you are able to spare 30 seconds while you wait, you can watch one of our ads for about 15 seconds, spend about 15 more seconds answering a quick quiz about what you saw, which triggers the advertiser’s payment. You earn 40% of those advertising payments, with another 10% automatically going to charities, and another end-of-year payment for you and charities (as long as our tax rate comes out at less than the 35% of revenue we save for taxes). By collaborating to do this as a large and growing group of people, we can generate millions of dollars in cash flow for viewers and charities. We would be honored to work with you on this.