Peace & Greatness To You & Yours

To direct victims and all those impacted by terrorism, domestic and otherwise, I want to tell you I and we are not just thinking about you. We are educating ourselves. We are becoming engaged voters in elections large and small. We are taking responsibility for the direction our country is going because we know it affects you and we love you. We are working overtime, cutting costs, and banking up to become as helpful as possible for the short and long term. You are in our thoughts every day, yes, but you are also in our actions, and we will never forget.

Peace and greatness to you and yours.

Project Index

Our Project Index lists all projects we support that are not purely charities, which can include non-profit benefit corporations built to do good work for communities, for-profit small and moderate sized businesses that we might promote for because they do business in a way that helps improve and/or save lives, or other types of projects that just can’t be accurately labelled as charities for any number of reasons.

Before approving any of them for promotion, we complete research on them, looking for any possible issues that would cause us to not want to support them.

Project Name:
Promotion Status:
Public Defender Association & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Janicki Bioenergy , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
The Open Source Beehives Project & Food , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
AKER Urban Garden Kitshttps://akerkits.comAgriculture & Food , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Social Impact Capitalhttps://social-impact-capital.comFinancial Empowerment, Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Oslo Freedom Forumhttps://oslofreedomforum.comHuman Rights, Social Justice, & Civil RightsNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
B Lab Empowerment, Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Carbon Benefits Project Yet EvaluatedColorado, USA
Gold Standardhttps://www.goldstandard.orgCommunity Empowerment, HealthNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Colorado Carbon Fund, HealthNot Yet EvaluatedColorado, USA
Texas Beekeepers Associationhttps://texasbeekeepers.orgAgriculture & Food , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedTexas, USA
Open Philanthroly Projecthttps://www.openphilanthropy.orgCommunity EmpowermentApprovedInternational
Small Business Revolution: Main Street EmpowermentApprovedUSA

Charity Index

Our Charity Index shows every charity we are interested in supporting along with basic information about them.

It also lists whether we are supporting each organization financially or not. We research them individually in depth before approving any of them for funding.

We want to include as many charities around the world as possible, and make it easy for anyone to search for something in the areas and categories they are most interested in, so please send us any recommendations you have for charities that should be added.

The “Visibility” button allows you to select and un-select the sections you want to see, and unselecting at least one of them might make it easier to see the list depending on the device you are using.

Charity Name:
Approval Status:
Youth On Recordhttps://YouthOnRecord.orgArts & Humanities , Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedColorado & Alaska
The Growhaushttps://thegrowhaus.orgAgriculture & Food , Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedDenver, Colorado, USA
Food For Thought Denver’s Rights & Child Sponsorship , Youth EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedDenver, Colorado, USA
Families Against Mandatory Minimums & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Prison University Projecthttps://prisonuniversityproject.orgPrison & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
National Coalition of Community-Based Correctional and Community Re-entry Service Organizations (National Network of Prison Nonprofits)http://www.nc4rso.orgPrison & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Anti-Recidivism Coalition & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
American Civil Liberties Unionhttps://www.aclu.orgHuman Rights, Social Justice, & Civil RightsNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
MSU Denver Scholarships – All Majors , Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedDenver, CO, USA
Denver Scholarship Foundation , Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedDenver, CO, USA
Western Center On Law & Poverty Policy , Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Just City & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Fortune Society & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Prison S.M.A.R.T. & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
National Center on Institutions and Alternatives & Criminal Justice ReformNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Pathways to Hope-Prison Dog Project & Criminal Justice Reform , Animal Rights & SupportNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
The Petey Greene Prison Assistance Program & Criminal Justice Reform , EducationNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
The Greater Houston Community Foundation Empowerment , Disaster Relief & PreparednessNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Direct Relief Empowerment , Disaster Relief & PreparednessNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal Empowerment , EducationNot Yet EvaluatedNepal
The Honeybee Conservancy & Food , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Open Source Ecology Empowerment , EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Human Rights Foundation Rights, Social Justice, & Civil RightsNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
World Wildlife Fundhttps://www.worldwildlife.orgAnimal Rights & Support, EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
ARC Thrift EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedColorado, USA
Vehicles For Charity EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedColorado, USA
Natural Capitalism Solutionshttps://natcapsolutions.orgCommunity EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedColorado, USA
Wildlife Conservation Networkhttps://wildnet.orgAnimal Rights & Support, EnvironmentNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospitalhttps://www.stjude.orgHealth, Children’s Rights & Child SponsorshipNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
80,000 Hourshttps://80000hours.orgEmployment, Community EmpowermentNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Heifer Internationalhttps://www.heifer.orgCommunity Empowerment, Agriculture & FoodNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Sustainable Food Center of Austin Empowerment, Agriculture & FoodNot Yet EvaluatedAustin, Texas, USA
Animal Charity Evaluatorshttps://animalcharityevaluators.orgAnimal Rights & SupportNot Yet EvaluatedInternational
Yellow Ribbon Fund SupportNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
Southern Poverty Law Center Rights, Social Justice, & Civil RightsNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
One America Appealoneamericaappeal.orgDisaster Relief & PreparednessNot Yet EvaluatedUSA
& Human Rights
Not Yet EvaluatedUSA

3 Charities That Saved My Life

A lot of us, including myself, didn’t come from money, we came from struggle and our response to it.

So many people are born into an intense amount of struggle, and we had been very strongly craving some kind of a solution beyond solving our own immediate problems.

Awakened by groups like Youth On Record ( ), we found that working on entrepreneurial and charitable projects was a way we could live with some amount of peace, and put energy into a day job as well, without feeling at least some level of meaninglessness.

Those projects motivated good us to care about life in general, to graduate high school, and to do everything else we’ve accomplished, from getting into college on full scholarships to building careers in marketing, physics, performance art, and more.

Preparation and opportunity coming together look a lot like luck. Let’s build as much “luck” as possible for those out there preparing.

Great charities big and small make the world better. We want to support and promote for them all.

We research different organizations constantly to add more to the Charity Index and Project Index. Please let us know if there are any you would like to see us support. Here are just a few examples of the types of charities we love:

1 – Food For Thought Denver

“During the school week, children from low-income families in Denver Public Schools receive free and reduced lunches at school. Often the lunch they receive at school on Friday is the last meal they eat until they arrive back at school on Monday. Teachers and Principals report that many students come to school on Monday mornings hungry, complaining of stomachaches, headaches and unable to focus and learn.

Food For Thought strives to eliminate this problem by providing a PowerSack to each student to take home for the weekend.” –

Food For Thought Denver is an incredibly inspiring and uplifting collaboration, they are able to bring food to children in families that can’t necessarily provide what they need in order to pay attention and do well in school. Those early years can have a huge impact on the course of someone’s life and long term outlook on the world, and Food For Thought Denver is helping to make that impact a positive one. Food For Thought Denver is a local charity, and I have seen many great projects like it across the world – we encourage supporting your community locally through charities like Food For Thought Denver, and we are always adding to our Charity Index and researching more organizations to make it easier for you to find many great charities doing this and other work around the world, city by city, community by community.

2 – Youth On Record

“With the help of Colorado’s most talented and willing musicians, Youth On Record inspires at-risk youth to see the potential for a better life.” –

Youth On Record operates a non-profit recording studio in Denver where our students are able to study their craft with the help of experienced artists, record their music, and meet other artists. This is used in increasing engagement at the schools they partner with and teach classes in, ultimately to increase graduation rates and improve quality of life through education and support. If you have love for music or education please check them out at!

3 – The Growhaus

“Healthy Food Is A Right, Not A Privilege.

The GrowHaus is a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.  Our vision is a world where all communities have the means to nourish themselves, and our mission is to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system by serving as a hub for food distribution, production, education, and economic opportunity.” –

This organization makes a great impact on the community and is one of the organizations I have long wanted to see grow fast to strengthen communities locally and around the world. There is much more to learn about them at This organization is another great example of how we can help improve lives and make great things happen using our attention and money strategically.


How We Operate & Provide Value For Advertisers

We call it Collaboration Advertising. You and advertisers accomplish something together, and it isn’t an interruption of your day.

You receive 40% of the payment from an advertiser after correctly answering a quick quiz about their ad. Beyond large companies buying verified ads here, supporters of different causes can buy Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to support causes they care about.

Anyone can spread information about the causes you know and care most about in a verified way here, educating someone who is buying their own PSAs to spread less useful information. Your ideas are exchanged, and each of you knows your message was seen and understood.

We solve three big problems for advertisers: fraud, invisibility, and resistance:

1 – Fraud

It’s easy to confirm with a little bit of research that advertising fraud costs companies billions of dollars per year. Bots will view and click ads (to get publishers paid more than they should) and criminals who build those bots are always looking for ways to steal more revenue in less risky ways. We don’t move the advertiser’s payment to charities and account holders until we confirm with a quick quiz that a human saw and understood that ad.

2 – Invisibility

This problem affects almost all forms of advertising: we can end up paying for each time an ad is shown instead of each time an ad is seen and understood. The ad can play when no one is in the room or when the viewer is not paying attention (since they aren’t motivated to). A billboard may or may not be noticed, ad-blocking or masking software may be used to hide online ads, and so on. We eliminate this issue by confirming each ad is visible to each viewer.

3 – Resistance

If the advertiser is not showing their message to a fraud bot, and the ad is actually visible for a human, the problem of resistance comes next when that human actively ignores the ad or even develops a memorable and repeated negative association with the company (“THESE people again….”). We aren’t being motivated to pay attention, the ad is an interruption of something else we’d rather be doing, and we don’t have any shared mission with the advertiser. With our verified ads, we are motivated to pay attention, we watch the ad when we want to (during another un-skippable ad, while waiting in line for something, etc), and the advertiser is helping us move money to great causes and people.

If you are an advertiser interested in the value of solving these problems, please contact me at I would like to customize each offer I make to the details of your business, and may be able to provide some free promotion with an agreement to provide more of the service at full price if our agreed upon metrics are met.

We use our own service to promote and sell, and have a basic calculation we use in doing so. We just need two pieces of info: the profit per conversion (conversion meaning a sale or use of a service, it may not necessarily be a sale – the view is converting into a sale, sign up, or other desired action), and predicted success rate (depending on the product this may come from a simple or very complex calculation: it’s just how many people out of one hundred viewers are expected to convert from a view to a desired action, sign up, or sale, as a percentage). Predicted success rate will of course vary based on how much data we have about viewers (from their profile details, cookies, past conversions, etc.), how popular the product is with that audience, and so on. For example, for a high end home improvement and savings service for which we earn $350 per conversion has an expected success rate of 1% among homeowners within certain zip codes (we are estimating this at a low point to account for other factors that could disqualify them from being able to use this service, and to help prevent overspending in the event that an unforeseen factor causes an abnormally low success rate for any given campaign). In sending verified ads to viewers who we know own homes and live within a serviceable zip code, we calculate that our break even point using Hiiobi is as follows:
PPC * PSR = Break Even Price Per Ad
above answer / 2 = price per ad needed for projected two fold return on ad spend
In this example, that is:
$350 * 0.01 = $3.50 per ad to break even. This means at $1.75 for a 30 second ad (40% going to the accountholder, $0.70, effectively $84 per hour), we have an expected two fold return on ad spend even if the conversion rate is only 1%, while avoiding fraud, invisibility, and psychological resistance. We have a shared mission with our accountholders. [example – 1,000 ads at $1.75 is $1,750, 1% or ten in one thousand viewers convert at $350 per conversion, we earn $3,500 after spending $1,750]

5% Of Revenue Invested

Beyond paying charities and you for responding to messages and advertisements, we use a minimum of 5% of our revenue to invest in cash flow generating assets for our network of charities and account holders.

An example of an asset we may buy and sell shares in here and there the SPDR® S&P® 500 Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETF (ticker: SPYX). Using this ETF keeps us away from fossil fuel reserve investments.

Basic ground rules:

1.) Billionaires and millionaires can plan investments over centuries and decades, taking advantage of low prices during stock market crashes. Since less wealthy investors panic and sell when prices go down, they are able to extract long term gains from the market’s ups and downs, and less wealthy investors are left out of that a lot of the time. For that reason, you can’t initiate a conversion of any investment assets to cash here, only Hiiobi can. Any time we convert assets to payable cash (meaning it is cash that can go to accountholders, not just cash in a portfolio deliberately for jumping on opportunities), that payable cash is split four ways after taxes. That split is between you (along with other account holders), charities, reinvestment into this fund for continued earnings over time, and Hiiobi.

2.) In some situations, even a very small amount of ad revenue can be converted into assets very quickly through our back end system, but we can’t guarantee that is always possible or instant. For example, if an ad earns $1 in revenue, 5% of that is $0.05, and it might not be possible to literally move that $0.05 into the investment fund right away, but we might be able to work with our financial institution(s) to set up automatic transfers for that (sometimes institutions will set limits on that though, at 1,000 free transfers per day, for example). Moving that funding right away just isn’t always cost effective (example: we won’t pay a $0.05 ACH transfer fee on a $0.05 transfer of course), so there can be a delay between that $0.05 being paid by the advertiser and the same $0.05 going into the investment fund and showing on your updated account statement as earnings assets.

3.) Please fight corruption.

As always, please reach out with any questions or ideas – collaboration is king.

Free To Use Instrumental Tracks & Stems – _ – YOR100K Sample Bank

Hiiobi started when we were in high school, as a record label for artists giving their music and instrument stems away for free, making money only from advertising and affiliate marketing. We will always make music, and we are working on a sample bank of over 100,000 instrument stems which we will release for free. In the mean time, there are collaborations and stems posted here and on some of our Soundcloud accounts for free download. Let us know if you want the instrument stems for any specific songs and we will try to get those ones posted faster (it takes a bit of time to set up the downloadable stem files).

Here are four tracks of ours – please email us if you want more, and let us know what genres you are interested in specifically:

Our collective of musicians uses each others samples any time it’s convenient, so we don’t list any one particular artist as the creator of each track. Here are all of the artists working together on this as of September of 2017 – the list will need an update from time to time:

Shazam Blue
Slayer Del
Jobcreator Flame
Billionaire Election
Vote With Money
Cindy Wreck
Madman Maher
Liani Sarel
Free And Equal
The Productionist
Sona Om
Peace Pressure
Cash For Plastic
Kayin Olabode
The Ray Goodman
Free Magic Stems
Soul Slush
Karima The Composer
Fresh Cowboy
Chase World Peace
Reddish Bluebird Records
Sage Asian Art Collabspot
Kamira The Machine
We All Want Peace On Earth
Cat Spy
Sid Sets Traps
Ominous Platypus Anonymous
Aya Nialate
Swahili Mora
Deathgrip Darryl
Ventura W Vargas
Various Platypi
Jon Den
Safdar Ashali
Juan Castro
Patience Of Job
Katja Niyera
Bernadya Baine
Such Steppish
Rap For A Reason
Cracker Hat
Melon Collie
Butters On The Beat
Infinite Love
Fly Jay
Carlos Zafon
– _ – Peace and greatness to you and yours!