You, and I, and our families are the job creators; Billionaires are a threat to democracy

We Need Unity

At what point does the greedy, psychotic, unending accumulation of money/resources become a crime?

There will always naturally be a power struggle between the wealthiest 1% and the less wealthy 99%, I’m not for demonizing all rich people – sometimes, people do sincerely deserve more money than other people for their work, dedication, expertise, etc…… but no one “earns” a billion dollars.

If you can create a system or a business through which you alone can accomplish an insane amount of work every day, making many customers very happy, earning ten thousand dollars a day, congratulations – you’ll have $3.65 million by the end of the year if you never spend any of your money, $365 million at the end of your career if you manage to work for 100 years straight.

If you created the same system when you were younger, but failed early on for any reason and can no longer afford new clothes, child care, proper food for energy, health care, and maybe even clean water, etc, it’s possible you won’t be able to afford to obtain even a minimum wage job because at that point, you don’t meet the requirements to get an interview many places.

$365 million …. If you can “earn” $10,000 a day, spending none of your money, working for 100 years —— no weekends or holidays. If you pulled that off, you could celebrate having obtained a very small fraction of what many billionaires have today (once you’re around your current age plus 100).

What did billionaires do to earn more wealth than that, and did they do more than a single parent working low end, incredibly difficult jobs to support a family their entire life? What did the single parent in that scenario fail to do to “earn” the great fortunes available to “anyone willing to work hard in America?”

What can a human being do in their work to “earn” a share of wealth so large that by definition, it creates communities with low quality of life, and inspires enemies with a bloodlust for even the unknowing, uninvolved members of the community all of that money was “earned” from?
So again, at what point does the greedy, psychotic, unending accumulation of resources in itself become a crime?
Sometimes I hear people say “F.D.T.!” with a smile, like that’s some kind of rallying cry.

I’m sure lots of very evil people and organizations are delighted at how much attention is being focused on specific celebrity leaders, as the truly productive and evil people go about their business.

Billionaires (all of them) are a threat to democracy as a concept, a threat to the aspects of capitalism that do us good, and a direct threat to all of our lives and health as we and our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers continue to suffer and die from preventable diseases and problems every day. It’s important to stay positive though, of course, so we can fight and work. All time is limited and extremely valuable. Every thought and action matters and impacts everything ahead so we’ve got to prioritize, refocus when we’re mad and depressed, not waste time with toxic and/or unimportant thoughts that aren’t benefiting us, make good momentum, scale up and organize our efforts to do good things for communities, and learn other people’s ways of self improvement, learning, success…..everything. If puppy memes help, use em. If shouting in public helps, do it. Stay positive and keep moving up.

Many billionaires would love for people like us to kill ourselves, or do nothing but get high/drunk all the time, sulk in the dark all day every day, stay active in stupid fights about things that don’t actually affect our communities, and generally waste our time and lives………. It would greatly simplify their plans. Imagine their smile in any moment of suicidal thoughts or urges, depression, anxiety, or any moment of laziness. Imagine their suddenly sober face as they watch us fix and reclaim everything they’ve ****** up, as we rejoice in our lovely art, lovely music, and lovely lives. Net worth leaves out your community capital (who would ever want to be kind to you and why?), educational capital (everything you know and can help others learn), and potential available capital (resources you can draw from if needed that you Did Earn but don’t just hold all the time; including defense, medical resources, teams, facilities for producing clean water and healthy food, etc). Net worth is garbage next to what’s real, and what makes a good community. Billionaires are nothing to look up to or praise just for their billionaire-ism.

You, and I, and our families are the job creators.

Remember that s#!t, you hear me? Much love. Peace and greatness to you and yours.

You Are In Our Actions – _ – Infinite Counter Terrorism

“To direct victims and all those impacted by terrorism, domestic and otherwise, I want to tell you I and we are not just thinking about you. We are educating ourselves. We are becoming engaged voters in elections large and small. We are taking responsibility for the direction our country is going because we know it affects you and we love you. We are working overtime, cutting costs, and banking up to become as helpful as possible for the short and long term. You are in our thoughts every day, yes, but you are also in our actions, and we will never forget.

Peace and greatness to you and yours.”

This was a post I put online a long time ago, there were nazi rallies, international terrorism stories, and other similar news going around. I think about it a lot.

It’s one of the things I have on my walls at home, I review it every morning. Re-reading the statement helps me stay a little more calm about the world. 

Counter terrorism is something the military does, obviously – there’s a political and social aspect too though, and that’s important. 

For the most part (never say never, but), people don’t just decide to cause other people pain and terror because they wake up and feel like it one day.

Those who can be recruited into a domestic terrorism organization, a gang, a cartel, or an international terrorist organization are usually vulnerable people, people not taken care of by their communities, people who don’t have opportunities to have careers and feed their families by other means, and so on.

Getting the bad guys is obviously the right thing to do; there are no excuses for terrorism, but there are also reasons for it and ways to address it. 
Preventing the bad guys from going that direction in the first place is possible through helping build stronger communities. Kids who aren’t taken care of are more easily recruited into gangs and terrorist organizations. 
Tight knit communities working productive and reasonably high paying jobs are a lot more difficult for terrorist groups to recruit from, even though some random acts of terror can always happen with seemingly no motivation. Minimizing terrorism is still of course very worth while, and (deep breath, this is a long list…) counterterrorism includes helping people avoid becoming victims of crime in general, helping people find opportunities that enable them to build productive careers, trying to make it clear to people in communities outside our own that we care about them and are trying to make things better for Everyone, strategically trading internationally and between states with intent and care, supporting entrepreneurs in less wealthy cities, states, and countries, highlighting (and globally promoting, as a better form of propaganda) positive work happening within our countries and cities within the same country, shifting funds away from cartels through legalizing certain black markets, shifting our energy dependence inward, having daily conversations about these things, and supporting our individual thorough, life long, ongoing education and the same for our children ———— all of that, and just helping each other, is counter terrorism, and it repeats and grows as we build and share it – it can be infinite. 

If we are supporting our communities through taxation (which we should, the private sector and giant corporations can’t be trusted), terrorism will benefit from tax evasion and the minimization of taxes on the rich. Since most of the money is at the top, most of the funding that would potentially be available for community support is at the top, so that’s a big part of where the money has to come from. This has nothing to do with political parties. The richest dominate, and they’ve been doing that with a higher intensity over the years, it needs to move the other direction. 

The name “Hiiobi” comes from the feeling of saying Hi to my childhood dog, Obi (“Hiiii obi!”). I want to spread happiness and peace, we all do. If most of the resources needed for doing that are locked up in the upper levels of the economy, it’s natural that (very literally) 99% of people are in favor of empowering communities through taxing the (extremely) rich. Since money fuels political campaigns in the U.S., that 99% support level doesn’t usually change the tax rates even when we vote… And to solve that, we’d need to change election laws to allocate a percentage of a (tax-funded) fund for elections based on votes (if you get 60% of the votes, your campaign gets 60% of the “campaign contributions” the fund holds). 

Somehow the campaign finance laws need to change first so that we can address the other issues we would all Like to vote on, but can’t productively vote on in a political system fueled by big money and not votes. At least some of the richest people on the planet themselves will have to be on board, so let’s get to networking and moving forward.

Things make me very angry every day, I’m sure you can relate, it can be really hard. I have to refocus all the time, and redirect energy to small and large examples of counterterrorism and the importance of community involvement in general. If I don’t, I get so mad and stressed throughout the days, it causes major physical health issues. I’m not always good at redirecting that energy, but I’m getting better at it, and if you can or want to help or be involved in any way, let me know – I definitely need the help on some things, and there’s plenty I can help with too – _ – strength in numbers. 

You are in our thoughts every day, yes, but you are also in our actions, and we will never forget.

Peace and greatness to you and yours.