Hiiobi Charity Evaluation – Youth On Record

Youth On Record is currently approved for funding, we’ve seen great work from them and found no reason not to support them in our research.

Please see Hiiobi.com/Evaluating-Charities for the details behind each step of this evaluation.

1.) Status Confirmation

Youth On Record has past IRS forms confirming their charitable status on CharityNavigator.org.

2.) Confirming The Organization Shares Our Mission & Pursues It In A Way We Can Condone

As late as April 22nd, 2018, YouthOnRecord.Org states, “With the help of Colorado’s most talented and willing musicians, Youth on Record inspires at-risk youth to see the potential for a better life.”.

We have visited and volunteered at the Youth Media Studio numerous times, and have seen first hand the extent to which they have saved and improved lives. We have also spoken with many young people Youth On Record works or worked with who feel it improved their life drastically or even saved them from an early death that may have resulted from the disengagement and sustained disillusionment experienced before meeting Youth On Record, which healed through music education and collaboration.

3.) BBB Check & Research Customized To The Field

Youth On Record has no rating with the BBB when we last checked on April 22nd, 2018.

In looking for any “red flags” on this organization in our research, we did not find anything that made us want to seek a response from the organization to clarify anything. Many organizations have at least a few false allegations floating around out there, in this case we didn’t even find that.

Please let us know if you have any charities, causes, or projects you would recommend supporting!