Free To Use Instrumental Tracks & Stems + YOR 100K Sample Bank

Hiiobi started when we were in high school, as a record label for artists giving their music and instrument stems away for free, making money only from advertising and referrals. We will always make music, and we are working on a sample bank of over 100,000 instrument stems which we will release for free. In the mean time, there are collaborations and stems posted here and on some of our Soundcloud accounts for free download. Let us know if you want the instrument stems for any specific songs and we will try to get those ones posted faster (it takes a bit of time to set up the downloadable stem files).

Our collective of musicians uses each others samples any time it’s convenient, so we don’t list any one particular artist(s) as the creator of each track every time. Here are all of the artists working together on this music – the list will need an update from time to time:

Shazam Blue
Slayer Del
Jobcreator Flame
Billionaire Election
Vote With Money
Cindy Wreck
Madman Maher
Liani Sarel
Free And Equal
The Productionist
Sona Om
Peace Pressure
Cash For Plastic
Kayin Olabode
The Ray Goodman
Free Magic Stems
Soul Slush
Karima The Composer
Fresh Cowboy
Chase World Peace
Reddish Bluebird Records
Sage Asian Art Collabspot
Kamira The Machine
We All Want Peace On Earth
Cat Spy
Sid Sets Traps
Ominous Platypus Anonymous
Aya Nialate
Swahili Mora
Deathgrip Darryl
Ventura W Vargas
Various Platypi
Jon Den
Safdar Ashali
Juan Castro
Patience Of Job
Katja Niyera
Bernadya Baine
Such Steppish
Rap For A Reason
Cracker Hat
Melon Collie
Butters On The Beat
Infinite Love
Fly Jay
Carlos Zafon
– _ – Peace and greatness to you and yours!