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Note: To bring in better offers more often, you can always fill out or ad to the Interests & Use Index (under construction as of early September 2017 – this will be updated soon), which contains questions about things you are interested in and things that you buy. We never share personally identifiable information with anyone without your permission, but advertisers can use that index to, without knowing who you are, send an ad to you specifically if you are the type of viewer they are looking for. That means that, for example, a rapper could ask us to send their music video only to hip hop fans who sometimes buy concert tickets and/or music products. If that describes you, they can send that music video straight to you to avoid sending it to, say, rap-hating screamo fans. If you have the index filled out, advertisers who need to be able to do that are able to send ads to you, and if it isn’t filled out, those specific advertisers might send fewer ads or none at all.