The Water Rights Domino Effect

Migraines can have a lot of different effects and causes – for me and some others, even slight dehydration can trigger them, the pain gets to be so intense it is a nearly spiritual experience, and most pain relievers can’t help because of the nausea they come with.
They make me question everything and talk to myself constantly for hours about people’s pain and my pain. The phrase “please help us” runs through my head many times within the second or third hour, usually (it can last longer) and I always end up promising myself I will be more efficient, more productive, and more helpful if I can get through it. It’s not a promise in exchange for escape, it’s just a sort of odd and consistent result of the pain. It makes me think about everyone in worse situations, with more pain more often, and how everyone can be helped.
The intensity of that pain forces intense abstract thinking, and I always go through a similar thought process – this is something a lot of people with similar types of pain experience, in some form:
Access to clean water speeds up all of the quality of life improvements we want to have happen in the areas of health and safety, the environment, economics, and beyond – so it makes sense to put some focus on water as we work to fund and build support for organizations improving quality of life locally and around the world.
In a community with little to no environmental regulations, water is often the first way people are hurt.
Education is not effective with a bad water supply or none at all.
Terrorist organizations can operate more effectively when water resources (and other resources) are scarce or dirty, because people need work and may start out in “entry level” roles in an organization taking advantage of people in need.
Jobs are not created when communities are too focused on basic necessities like water to spend any money on products and services higher income communities use to create and sustain jobs.
Children are not born as healthy without a lot of clean water as they can be with more clean water available in their communities for themselves and their parents.
Food itself is irreversibly tainted if the water going into it isn’t safe.
While food, education, and many other things are crucial to life, water is at the root of all of it. If the water isn’t clean enough, there is no education or food, and the onset of the negative effects of bad water, not enough water, or no water is incredibly, insanely fast.
Pursuing a more prosperous and safer world requires at least some focus on water, so we and organizations built to promote water rights and water studies are focusing funding and marketing on:
– providing education that saves and improves lives
– producing water in areas that need increased clean water generation capacity that can be controlled by people, not corporations or oligarchs
– advancing and spreading technology and legislation that brings the world closer to having clean water easily available and within the control of communities rather than corporations and oligarchs
Below is a list of organizations and projects we are supporting in this pursuit. Please reach out to me at if you have recommendations on organizations to work with, other issues to prioritize, or any other feedback.