Notes From Founder: Why I Live & Work

Our fear & anger is being cultivated & used, we need to resist that.
Our organized response, love, and money well spent saves and improves lives.
Moving helpful information and empowering great people and charities is an appropriate response to the never ending information war.
Integrity, thinking critically, and prioritizing to maximize our impact are crucial.
When and where we are able, we have a responsibility to improve processes to improve the world and spread healthy life, liberty, and quality of life for all… Including ongoing quality of life improvements in alignment with the growth of human productivity and collective potential.
Divided we fall, fail, and are taken over by the united. United we stand, succeed, and keep the world moving in the right direction – we make major advancements in medicine, energy, democracy, civil rights, and more, and prevent this all from becoming a failure as a planet, species, and truly a failure to take our opportunity to exist.
As many people have repeated for good reason; take back your existence or die like a punk.